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I then organized it by sender, and archived any emails that were sent to me by folks I no longer needed to be in contact with newsletters included. In the process, I started creating folders in my gmail, so that, as I found emails that I needed to save, I had a place to put them! Taking control of my inbox was a huge weight off of my shoulders. A lot of people talked about bullet journals being super great for this, but I much prefer to have something I can just keep on my phone. Grid Diary is almost like a quiz colliding with a journal.

It offers you prompts to answer, a mood tracker, and a weather tracker as well to help you remember the day a little better. I specifically tailored mine to give me four questions that I answer at the start of my day, and four questions that I answer at the end of my day.

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For me, I wanted to work on goal-setting, self-care, gratitude, and stress management. I knew that focusing on these things would help me with my overarching goals of becoming more focused and effective. You can choose to write it out or find a diary app to help you keep track of it. The point is to get writing! The idea is breaking up your work day into intervals usually 25 minutes of focused work, followed by a short break, repeated four times until you then take a longer break. I finally caved and downloaded Tide. It also keeps track of how often you use it and for how long, which can be really motivating!

One of my biggest pitfalls in my work was not having structured break time, which led me to become super distracted and waste a lot of time. And I was… blown away … with how tweaking my workflow with this app helped me focus and get more done.

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The idea of sitting still and not doing anything sounded awful to me. But lots of folks I knew raved about how meditation had helped them, blah blah blah — even if that meditation was just five minutes when they first woke up.

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Apparently, the research backs this up, too: Meditation is proven to increase mental focus. But as someone whose mind is moving a thousand miles a minute, sitting in silence was a no-go for me. So I was really excited to discover that there are actually some guided meditation apps, many of which have specific meditations geared towards boosting productivity and focus! Sitting and listening to someone walk me through a meditation was much easier to swing with my ADHD brain than the alternative. With ADHD, planning ahead is not my natural impulse.

Doing this accomplishes two things for me. My tendency is to avoid, avoid, avoid — because thinking about everything I have to do makes me anxious. But the only real way to address that anxiety is to tackle my schedule head-on, so I create a dedicated time to do so every week. The point is to get organized and make your Monday morning less of a headache. Being overwhelmed is the arch nemesis of ADHD and of procrastination generally, so this helps minimize that as much as possible. Of all the advice I found, the cheesiest bits of advice also seemed to hold most true.

Sometimes you have to hold your nose and just do it. This advice, while it seems really simple, takes a lot of practice — but it can make a huge difference.

S T O P Project Management Survival Plan by Starke Steven

We always procrastinate for a reason. And the whole interface is kind of fun, so it never feels tedious. Figuring out how my brain works has been exciting, and crowdsourcing that knowledge with other geeky people? Even better. This world? Nonstop anxiety, procrastination, and stress used to be the norm for me. I hope this has given you a place to start. Because honestly?

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These are all good ideas even without ADHD, and some are great. My favorite is to eat the elephant one bite at a time. Most people seem to have trouble with that one. Like Liked by 1 person. I will give it another chance. I also like coachme. Thank you so much for writing this article. Can you tell me who the software developer is for Unstuck? I imagine Wikipedia or something might know? Like Like. This was so helpful and got me really into looking at other productivity options. I found this awesome app called Workflowy I think?

There a formula for calculating a tip based on your input, for calculating caffeine intake, for sharing posts to various social media sites, for creating GIFs, for adding new tasks to ToDoist, all sorts of cool things you can do with it. Like Liked by 2 people. Thank you so much I have been aware of my ADD for 25 years-and have never gotten a handle on it.

I am in financial poverty because I have a hard time working full time. I cannot thank you enough for this. I have been struggling especially hard with this recently. Thank you a million billion times.

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I was curious what your thoughts on evernote were versus todoist? Or are they just pretty completely different and good and different things? And people seem to be a big fan of both. I really like the sounds of that GridList App you were talking about. Have you heard of a good Android alterantive? Thanks so much for sharing your process.

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I find that I can become hyperfocused on perfecting how i set-up software or cloud systems like trello to the detriment of my actual tasks and goals. This means my day to day online courses are bad enough. Thank you for this. My mom ending up in emergency with a bad case of pneumonia and having to focus on her health more intensely for a while coupled with a big infringement issue was all it took to destroy whatever momentum I had from the book.

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The choice is usually made to use intricate and complex software, such as Jira or Tar-getProcess. Sometimes this does more harm than good. To be sure, you need a place to create tasks, manage product and sprint backlog, track task statuses, and so on. Almost any software will let you do those things. But using new software is stressful at first, even for IT professionals.

You have to roll out the software, figure out the new interface and functionalities, set up access, and much more. And the more complicated the software, the more difficult this process is. This creates additional stress and decreases your chances of a successful implementation. A good alternative could be using simple software, like Trello.

When I implemented Scrum for the first time, I was positive that the team would be excited about it. And that fight is never a simple one.

robudssunsrenta.cf Keep in mind that the positive effects of quitting smoking are obvious. The positive effects of daily scrum? Not so much. In certain cases, members of the team may consciously or unconsciously sabotage the implementation process. This is usually just a strong reaction to significant changes to the usual way of doing things, but sometimes it means that your actions are the wrong ones to be taking.

You need to think about what happened and possibly make changes to the process. What could be wrong? The situation needs to be investigated. You need to understand the state tasks are stuck in, which tasks were underestimated, and how assessments were given. Scrum is an Agile framework, so when implementing artifacts and ceremonies you have to remember why all of it started. The goal of implementing Agile and Scrum is to make the development process more flexible and make the product sought after by the market or customers.

That is, while there is value in the items on the right, we value the items on the left more. Posted Apr 29, in Project management. To start, you should answer some questions: what problems are there in the existing process structure? Changing processes is painful Photo by Raj Eiamworakul on Unsplash When I implemented Scrum for the first time, I was positive that the team would be excited about it.

Scrum is more than just artifacts and ceremonies Photo by freestocks. Jun 19, Project management.