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Other notes. See details. See all 5 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. Ichigo Kurosaki never asked for the ability to see ghosts--he was born with the gift. When his family is attacked by a Hollow--a malevolent lost soul--Ichigo becomes a Soul Reaper, dedicating his life to protecting the innocent and helping the tortured spirits themselves find peace.

Bleach. vol. 40, The lust

Find out why Tite Kubo's Bleach has become an international manga smash-hit! To match the powerful Espada, Ichigo will have to rely on his hollow powers. But will the darkness overwhelm him…? Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all People who bought this also bought.

No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. Ulquiorra charges a Cero and blasts it at Ichigo, but blocks it with Zangetsu. Ulquiorra suddenly appears behind him and starts to make his way up to the fake sky of Las Noches. Ichigo follows him, demanding to know where he's going.

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Ulquiorra and Ichigo blast right through the ceiling of Las Noches and are now on top of the dome. Ulquiorra then tells Ichigo that Espada above Cuatro are forbidden to release their power. Rukia continues her fight with Rudbornn.

bleach: brave souls(虛圈ガチャTHE LUST)40連抽!!

Rukia Kuchiki continues her fight with Rudbornn, destroying one of his Calaveras. More Calaveras sprout from his branches and immediately attack Rukia. He then goes on to say that even with the power that Aizen gave him, he was unable to become an Espada. Suddenly Rudbornn turns around and looks up at the fake sky of Las Noches, noticing that Ulquiorra had broken through the dome to the top.

Ulquiorra, on top of a pillar, starts to tell Ichigo that several things forbidden to do inside the dome, one of which is for Espada Cuatro and above to release their power. He says that if one does so, it would destroy Las Noches. Ichigo watches in shock as the black spirit energy falls from the sky like rain. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo not to let his guard down for an instant before suddenly appearing right in front of Ichigo, ready to slash him.

Only a portion of Ichigo's Hollow mask was sliced off.

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Ulquiorra said that if he didn't do that, his head would be at his feet. Ichigo and Ulquiorra fight, but Ichigo is no match for Ulquiorra's released form. Ulquiorra then shoots a giant black Cero at Ichigo, enveloping him in the blast. Part of Ichigo's Hollow mask is sliced off by Ulquiorra's attack.

Ichigo realizes that he is no match for him. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that he has gotten stronger with his Hollow mask, but he was still able to shatter it.

Bleach, Vol. 40 by Tite Kubo (2012, Paperback)

Ulquiorra says its too bad before attacking Ichigo. He notices Orihime's worried expression and assures her that Ichigo will win. Ichigo slows himself down from Ulquiorra's attack by sticking Zangetsu in the ground. He quickly restores part of his Hollow mask before Ulquiorra locks swords with him. Ichigo pushes him back, remarking that he was planning on it and releases one right on Ulquiorra. The Espada comes out of the blast completely unharmed stating that he was only a human, after all.

Though he does comment that his Getsuga is pretty similar to his own black Cero. Immediately after, he releases a giant black Cero right at Ichigo, enveloping him in the blast. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo that he does not know true despair and transforms into a new form. The chapter starts with Ichigo being enveloped in Ulquiorra's black Cero. The blast shatters Ichigo's mask completely off his face. He reluctantly agrees to do so. Ichigo, beat up from Ulquiorra's black Cero, falls from the sky. Ulquiorra suddenly appears and hits him into a nearby pillar.

Ulquiorra then proceeds to tell him that Humans will never be the equals of Hollow 's. Ichigo then struggles to stand up, but before he can attack, Ulquiorra yells at him, telling him it's useless before slashing Ichigo across the chest. Ichigo once again goes flying through the air from the blow, but Ulquiorra easily catches up to him and attacks him once again. Ichigo and Ulquiorra are now at the top of one of the pillars. Ulquiorra holds up a weak Ichigo by his ragged Shinigami outfit and questions him why he doesn't give up when it's obvious to see the differences in their strength.

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Ichigo asks Ulquiorra if he just thinks that he should give up just because he is stronger than him. Ichigo then tells Ulquiorra that he will defeat him. Ulquiorra tells him it's nonsense and says that he does not know true despair.

Ulquiorra then transforms into a new form. Ulquiorra attacks Ichigo in his new form, still having a major advantage over him. Ulquiorra tells Ichigo to look at his new form; that this is true despair. Ichigo's eyes widen in shock. He says that he might have been more useful if he would have realized it sooner. Suddenly, when close to the top of the dome, they are shocked by an intense Spiritual Energy coming from the top of the dome.

Ulquiorra attacks him mercilessly. Ichigo tries to fight him with his Hollow mask, but continues to get beaten up. Ulquiorra tells him that he doesn't understand why he continues to fight. He smashes him into more pillars and tells Ichigo that it is because of his heart that he will die. Ichigo says that he doesn't fight because he thinks he can win, but because he has to win. Ulquiorra says its simply nonsense. They immediately spot Ulquiorra and Ichigo at the top of a pillar, the fourth Espada holding Ichigo up by his neck with his long tail.

Ulquiorra acknowledges Orihime's arrival and tells her that to watch closely; to watch the man she put all her hope in die.

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He then charges up a Cero and blasts it right through Ichigo's chest. Orihime calls out to Ichigo and suddenly his hair starts to grow in length. Orihime watches in shock as a hole is blasted right through Ichigo's chest at the top of the pillar. Ulquiorra then releases Ichigo's body and lets it drop down the side of the pillar. Orihime screams out and catches him with her Santen Kesshun.

Ulquiorra appears in front of Orihime and tells her that her powers cannot bring him back to life. She drops down to her knees in front of Ichigo and looks into his dead eyes before starting to cry.

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Orihime starts to have a mental breakdown, asking herself what should she do. He charges at Ulquiorra with a Seele Schneider only to be simply struck down by one of Ulquiorra's blows. She mentally tells Ichigo that she doesn't know what to do anymore before finally desperately shouting out to Ichigo to help her. In response, Ichigo's hair suddenly grows into a long mane Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. I glutton because of the heart. I covet because of the heart.