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Below Deck's Emily Warburton-Adams lifts lid on antics aboard Valor

Archive Advertising Wicked Book Weekend. She is the reason I started Wicked Book Weekend 5 years ago. But I have definitely liked some books more than others. Tara nails every genre she writes though, and this erotic romance is the perfect juicy escape from life. Is it an epic read? Was it emotional? A little, but nothing noteworthy. But it was a combination of all the things I love in a book. It was fun, sexy and easy. It had characters I totally want to hang with, and characters I totally wanted to hang evil stepmonster.

It had banter, great supporting characters, sex scenes that almost melted my kindle and just enough angst to keep it interesting. Six stars for Chromecast support. We dissect twist endings, plot holes, and other secrets you won't read in reviews. Mining the depths of film entertainment for all mankind. If you're like Matt Gourley Superego, Drunk History, James Bonding , then you know all the classic movie and television scenes so well it's like you were in the room when they happened. Well, you weren't. And neither was he. But the people Matt interviews were! Listen in as they tell the inside stories of how cinema and television history was made from a fly-on-the-wall perspective you've never heard.

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I mean, it's only like 6 weeks in real time. I have suffered with motion sickness and it sucks. I know that certain meds can make you lethargic and groggy so I feel for Kasey in that regard. Has Hannah walked Kasey through what her duties are?

I know she did it last season for Brianna and Jenn, both of whom were unexperienced. If Kasey's response time and seriously delayed response is real and not editing monkey shenanigans, she definitely isn't suited for working on a luxury yacht. I agree with the poster above who thinks Conrad is going to get demoted.


Below Deck by Tara Sivec

I don't know how much experience Colin has but he seems a better replacement than Joao. I can understand Captain Sandy's reaction to the smoke alarm going off during the night. That has to be one of the more frightening things to hear when you're on the water. I personally wouldn't have lit a sparkler inside the boat. It seems kind of stupid to me.

Below Deck

Take it outside to the deck if you want to check it so you can at least toss it in the water if necessary. Charter 1 guests were terrible. Charter 2 guests were even worse. WTF is going to happen on Charter 3 at this rate? I don't eat red meat but I would never be as demanding and insulting as these fuckwits.

Yes, you're paying for a luxury vacation but you're also dealing with human beings that are trying to provide you with good service. Have a little patience and quit acting like the crew are your personal slaves. A charter that was eating lunch between and 5 pm would drive me insane because that obviously means they'll want their stupid, fancy dinner at I've never understood why some of the charter guests get so dressed up to eat dinner on the yacht with each other.

For the second time in three charters this season I find myself thinking, "Well, those guests were the biggest assholes I've ever seen on a Below Deck show. It makes those annoying daytraders who constantly griped about the onboard WiFi seem like reasonable people. She is like a cuter version of Robin from Sister Wives minus the constant cold sores.

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I sincerely hope this season is not the season of who can be the douchiest guests. If I was a guest of the one paying the bill that keeps Kosher you bet I would be eating Kosher too. As someone that is not Jewish I would be fascinated on what is served and I'm sure there are some tasty Kosher dishes to be had. French fries? That douche needed to be covered in Chum and thrown overboard.

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It was really his fault for insisting on the birthday girl to blow out something on the cake. I assumed she didn't do this because she was unable to light the candles on the deck due to the high winds. I'd say maybe she should have lit the sparklers in the salon but that's exactly where she was with them when the smoke alarm went off so it seems like a tough call. Did anyone catch the looks that people gave each other when that woman sang the song for the blessing?

I have to say a Sandy who takes things out on the crew makes me as uncomfortable as Joao does and doesn't make the show enjoyable. If I remember correctly, Joao couldn't even insult Brooke properly. He meant to say it smells weird when she walked in, but instead what came out was "only until you walked in" which means the weird smell was made better by Brooke unless my captions didn't match what he said. These guests HAVE to be acting.. Once in awhile they throw in a nice bunch of guests to mix it up. Why would they have to be acting?

People are really douche-y like that IRL, especially on vacation, and especially when they think the crew are their personal slaves, I've seen that shit plenty of times on cruises. Here's the thing that drives me nuts, that song was not a blessing. It's just a celebratory song. There are separate blessings for the lighting of the shabbat candles, drinking of wine and eating of food.

None of those actual blessings were done that we saw. In short, these guest are poseurs. I am guessing that these are the guests that the cast was referring to as the worst that they have ever seen.

Does anyone have any intel on that? I don't have any intel, but I sure hope that's the case. Both Hannah and Brooke were embarrassing in this episode - - Hannah trying to get Conrad to motorboat her and Brooke trying to flirt with Adam by insinuating she gets down and dirty, in bed. Hannah has always had a big thing about publicly showing that men are interested in her. She's really messy and needy like that.

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However, Brooke doesn't seem to be nearly as desperate about it, which is why she got tongue tied with Adam. Jason, the guest from last season, was about as close as we've ever seen her play hard to get or coy. Colin has been either crewing or captain of the Fire Island ferry for more than a decade, which is why he'd never step up to be bosun because he's experienced enough to know that he doesn't know enough about motor yachts. It really wasn't. I'm not Jewish, a Shabbos goy, or especially well versed in Jewish traditions, but I've been to a Shabbat or 2.

That's exactly why I thought they were giving the looks. I couldn't understand why they'd sing that song for a blessing, which is the equivalent of saying grace for Christians and that is never a celebration song. I thought a little child might sing that song for a blessing, not a full grown adult who is glatt kosher and therefore would have a lot of experience with blessings.

I'd assume that someone who is that kind of kosher adheres a bit more strongly to their faith and does a lot of the daily rituals for their faith, including many blessings over the time they've been following their faith that way so they should have been able to come up with something on the fly. I looked around for the lyrics for that song and I found quite a few. At first the one I found that just repeated shabbat shalom was the Neil Diamond version which cracked me up with the thought they were just copying Neil Diamond.